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BT Quality Parts
BT Quality Parts

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  • Manufactured by: BT FORKLIFT
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BT Quality Parts

  • CD/DVD : 1 DVD
  • BT Forklift is the parts catalogs for Powered Pallet Truck, Reach Truck, Powered Pallet Stacker, Hand Truck, Pedestrian Pallet Truck, Order Picker Truck.

    CD1 s/n 084750-160999 Edition 1 (2001-05-07)
    CD2 s/n 161000-173999 Edition 1 (2001-05-07)
    CD3 s/n 174000-179999 Edition 2 (2002-01-29)
    CD4 s/n 180000-201999 Edition 6 (2002-10-02)
    CD5 s/n 202000-210000 Edition 6 (2003-06-30)
    CD6 s/n 210000-216999 Edition 5 (2004-08-30)
    CD7 s/n 217000- Edition 2 (2004-08-30)

    BT Forklift covers following models:

    PPO 1500 MX
    FR 2.0/2.0 N
    RSS 1600 SE
    RSL 2000 SE
    RSL 3000 SE
    RSS 1350 SE/RSF 1350 SE/RSS 1600 SE/RSF 1600 SE
    OS 1.0
    OS 1.8 X
    OS 2.0
    OS 2.0 TRINKS
    OS 3.0
    SR 1.35/SR 1.35L/SR 1.6/SR 1.6L
    SL 2.0
    LR 2.0
    LR 3.0
    LSV 1250/LST 1350
    LSV 1250/11-LST 1350/11
    LSF 1250/11
    LSV 1600/2
    LSF 1250/1600
    LT 2200/LT 2200-8
    LT 2200
    RR 1.0
    RR N1/N2/N3/(C)/14 (DC)
    RR B1/B2/B3/E1/E2/E3/(C)/14(DC)
    RR B4/B5/B6/E4/E5/E6/(C)/14(DC)
    RR B7/B8/E7/E8/(C)/14(DC)
    RR E1C-E8C/14
    RR E1-E8/C/15/ CABIN, Cold store
    RR B1/B2/B3/E1/E3/(C)/15(AC)(ACi)
    RR E1 - E8/C
    RR B8/15 (ACi)
    BT L2000
    BT L2000C
    BT L2000Q
    BT L2000X
    BT L2000U
    BT L2000K
    BT L2000O
    BT L2000I
    BT L2000UQX
    BT L2000UX
    BT L2000QX
    BT L3000
    BT L3000O
    BT L3000X
    BT L2000L
    BT L2000Z
    BT L2000 Serial 11
    BT L2000I Serial 11
    BT L2000K Serial 11
    BT L2000O Serial 11
    BT L2000Q Serial 11
    BT L2000X Serial 11
    BT L2000U Serial 11
    BT L2000QX Serial 11
    BTL 2000; BTL 2000X; BTL 2000O; BTL 3000; BTL 3000X; BTL 3000O; For reeldrums
    SH 800; SH 800Q
    SH 800; SH 800ES
    SH 800; SH 800E with 1 or 2 extra hyddraulic operation
    SPS 1.35/SPS 1.35 L/SPS 1.6/SPS 1.6 L
    SPT 2.0
    PPL 2000 MX
    PPT 1400 MX/MXC/PPT 1600 MX/PPT 2000 MX
    Powered pallete truck MP 20L
    Powered pallete truck MPH 16
    Powered pallete truck MP 14/16/20
    Powered order picking truck MO 15
    Powered pallete stacker MPL 10/MPL 12
    Powered pallete stacker MPL 12S
    Powered pallete stacker MPL 12F
    Powered pallete stacker MPL 16D
    Powered pallete stacker MPL 20L
    Powered pallete stacker MT 22/MT 22-8
    Toyota Order picker truck PMO 15
    Toyota Hand Truck HT 20 L
    PPT 1400 C
    PPT 1400 MX/PPT 1600 MX/PPT 2000 MX
    PPT 1800 MMD
    PPT 2000 MMD
    PPH 1600 MX
    PPS 1000 MX/PPS 1200 MX
    PPS 1200 MXS
    PPS 1200 MXF
    PPS 1600 MXD
    PPS 1600MXD CP
    OP Coldstore; OPW Coldstore
    OP/OPW/OPW Space
    VR SF
    VR SF C
    HL1000; HL1000X; HL1000I; HLE1000; HLE1000X; HLE1000I
    RR M12/M12C
    SPS 1.35/1.35L/1.6/1.6L
    SR 1.35/1.35L/1.6/1.6L
    OL 25/OL 25P
    LSF 1250/12/LSF 1600/3
    LST 1350/12/LSV 1250/12
    LSV 1600/3
    OM 0.85/OMW 0.85
    OP 1000SE,HSE/3/OPW 1200 Space/OPW1200SE,HSE/3
    OP 1000 Coldstore/OPW Coldstore
    SPE125L / SPE160L
    P 24
    RR N1-3/15 AC, ACi
    RR B/E 1-3/15AC, ACi
    RR B/E 4-6/(15)AC, ACi
    RR B/E 7-8/15 AC, ACi
    RR E1CC-E3CC
    RR E4CC-E6CC
    RR E7CC-E8CC
    RR B1CC-B3CC
    RR B4CC-B6CC
    RR B7CC-B8CC

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